Sput's Racing Engines has powered many of the Midwest's best teams into the winner's circle. Here at Sput's, we build and service custom engines that range from OEM restoration, street performance, circle track, truck pulling, and drag racing. We are proud to reflect a reputation of quality, support, and service beyond the sale.

Owner Mark Spatenka has been machining since 1986 before opening business doors on June 1st, 1992. Since then, Sput's has acquired a dedicated, knowledgeable staff that assists in daily operations. Jami Stoen has been with us since March of 1999. Doug Underland joined the team in March of 2004. In addition to employees, Sput's Racing Engines made the move into a new 7,200 square foot building in November of 2004.

If you're in need of performance parts or a custom engine, then stop by our shop or contact us. Our friendly staff will be glad to meet you and offer their assistance. Also to our returning customers, thank you for continuing to choose Sput's Racing Engines!